Student Government

The Student Government is an organization made up of I.S. student leaders and a staff advisor. The purpose of the Student Government is to give the student body a voice. Each year, new officers and representatives are elected by their peers. This is where students, through their classroom representatives and officers, share their ideas, concerns, and desires. The representatives and officers meet to discuss activities and events rooted in the values of: Care, Achievement, Responsibility,  and Environment. All students in grades 5-8 are given the opportunity to participate in these activities if they choose to do so. 


Student Government Activities

  • 90th Anniversary Celebration

  • Bake Sales raise money to help community members and to help animals)

  • Black History Month Celebration

  • Book Swap

  • Book Talk

  • Career Day

  • City Harvest Fundraiser

  • 187 Cultures Journal 

  • Earth Day Events

  • Elections

  • Healthy Bodies Program

  • Helping Hands Program

  • 187 Literary Magazine

  • L.U.V or Gender Identity Club

  • Remote Recess 

  • Safety Cheat Sheet

  • Student of the Month

  • Student Surveys

  • Time Capsules

  • Weekly Announcements

  • Women's History Month Celebration



Baking Contest

Cooking Contest

Spelling Bee

Talent Competition

Trivia Competitions